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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I find the parts I need?
Parts are grouped into main categories such as Activated Carbon, Aquamatic Valves and Parts, etc. Under each main category, you can further drill down to a sub-category listing by equipment type, such as Pentair Fleck Valves and Parts – Pentair Fleck 2850 Valves. You can hover over any of the main category tabs in the left navigation area and select the sub-category accordingly.

The search function on the website allows you to search parts based on any information loaded into our ecommerce site including manufacturer brand, product key word, our part number (SKU), manufacturer part number and use of wildcards (*). If you need further assistance, please call 800-323-1983 or email to

Q: Why can't I see the parts matched the term I searched by?
The Search box on the site will search all products saved on the web server and bring back the matched results. The reason you can't see certain products is that they are NOT part of the product group your company typically orders. If you would like to be able to order more products on the site, please email the product information to or contact your Nalco sales representative. We will get those new parts published on the website. Please note that new products addition onto the website will be pending on approval from your company wherever applicable.

Q: Why do I only see 200 parts at most in the product search result?
By design, the Nalco Water Ecommerce site has a limitation of 200 products to display for search result. To improve your search matching result, please use an OEM part number, a SKU number, or a key word of product description as the term for search.
TIPS: To improve search results and show more related products, use an asterisk (*) to match one or more characters at the middle or end of your search term. Do not use the asterisk at the beginning of a search term. (e.g. therm* might return thermometer and thermocouple).

Q: When searching for a number, why do I get the wrong result?
To improve search results with numbers, put them within quotes. For example, when you want to find a 0.22 micron absolute filter put “0.22” micron absolute filter in the search box.

Q: What kind of parts can I order on the website?
Currently, we only accept standard, non-warranty parts orders through the e-commerce website.
If you need to place a special parts order such as a drop ship or a warranty order, please call 800-323-1983 or email to for assistance.

Q: When will I get my order?
Most orders are shipped the two days after they are received, 7:00AM - 8:00PM, Eastern Time Zone, Monday - Friday. Standard shipping is via UPS Ground within the Continental US.
If you need expedited shipping methods such as Next Day Air and Second Day Air please call 800-323-1983 or email to for assistance.

Q: Why can't I see all my historical orders under My Account?
By design, the Nalco Ecommerce site only displays up to 20 of your most recent orders under My Account/My Orders. You can reorder any of those 20 orders by clicking on the "Reorder" link to save you time. You will be able to update the quantity and products in the shopping cart prior to check out.

Q: What does “Ship Complete” mean? 
By checking the Ship Complete box during check out, you require that all of your items in the order be shipped with one single package, which may result in longer delivery time of your order if certain items are backordered. We will do our best to ship your order as soon as possible and provide you with update on the expected shipping date.

Q: What kind of information can I enter in the “Shipping Instructions” box when I check out?
You can key in shipping instructions such as a temporary shipping address, follow-up request for your order or payment, more detailed contact info, etc. PLEASE DO NOT INPUT YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION. If the information you input is different than the data we have in our system, we may follow up with you for confirmation to make sure we process your order correctly and timely. 
If you plan to ship your order to a new address not included in the drop down ship to menu, please input the detailed ship to address in the text box as well.

Q: Do I have to provide a PO number for my order?
The PO number is a required field in the check out process. You can input your First and Last name if you do not have a PO number.
If your company requires a PO number be provided before we can fulfill your order, please DO have a valid PO number ready to avoid possible delay in your order processing.

Q: How can I add new permanent location(s) to my existing account?
If you have new location(s) to be added to the website under your account, please call Nalco Water Ecommerce Customer Care Center at 800-323-1983. Be ready to provide your contact info and your customer account number when calling. Our customer service representative will help add the new location(s) to your location list.
Please allow for 48 hours for your new location(s) to show up on the website.
If you need to place an order right away for your new location(s), please call 800-323-1983 for assistance.
If you only need to ship your order to a temporary address, please enter the detailed address in the Shipping Instructions text box during check out. We will ship your order to this temporary address but will NOT add it to your location list.

Q: How can a new user get registered on the Nalco Water Ecommerce website?
To ensure the best user experience with the Nalco Water Ecommerce website, we have dedicated administrators managing user registration process. For new users within your organization, please email us at with the following information and allow for 48 hours for account setup.
  • Business Name
  • Account Number
  • Full Name
  • Title and Position
  • Valid corporate email address (personal email address is NOT recommended)
  • User Phone Number
  • Ship to addresses
  • Bill to addresses
  • List of locations/stores the user can purchase for
The new user name and a temporary password will be emailed to the pertinent users through our automatic website admin system. The temporary password will expire after 72 hours. Please make sure your new users log into the Nalco Ecommerce website timely to complete the registration process.

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